What to expect

What to expect


1.  Location: 703 Glen Eyrie Circle Colorado Springs, CO 80904. In the comfort of my home studio.

2. Things to bring: dress/outfit, shoes, veil (if you have one) cups or body shapers ( although not necessary) and friends!!!

3. The appointment: This usually takes between 10-30 min.  The  bride/client puts her/his outfit and shoes on (shoes if length is an issue).  I pin the dress/outfit to its appropriate fit and discuss what needs to be altered.  At the end of the appointment I will give you the exact price. If anything is added or changed after initial agreement because of weight fluctuation or style change, the price might change.

4. Fittings:  Unfortunately,  I cannot tell if the second fitting will be the final fitting.  Although, more often than not, this will be the final fitting.  There are times, however, that there will be more than two fittings.  Rest assured, that I aim for perfection and will do everything I can to make the dress perfect.  Any additional fittings are at no cost to you, unless there are weight fluctuations or style changes.

5. Payment:  I take cash or check (checks should be made to Cecil Horlbeck).  Payment is due upon pick-up.   

6. Pick up: As mentioned, more often than not, second fittings generally are the final fitting.  Please have a reasonably spacious spot for the gown/garment where you can store it before the wear day. For brides,  the dress and veil will be steamed and bagged. The bag will accommodate the length of the train. That said, it will be considerably bigger than when you brought in. When the gown/garment is ready please plan on payment and taking it home with you. I will discuss care for the dress during the pick-up.  

I am looking forward to working with you!